Potent Potables # 3

8 02 2006

Yesterday I was on the treadmill running, trying to reach that delicate balance between invigoration and vomiting from exhaustion. At one point I swore I heard Tony Robbins gently urging me with whispers of “Just 5 more minutes….just 5 more minutes….”, which as hallucinations go was equal parts useful and terrifying. Suddenly the entire chain of treadmills simultaneously shut off, likely due a fuse blowing on their shared circuit. I looked about mystified for a moment, wondering how quickly someone would be able to address the technical SNAFU so that my workout could continue, until I struck upon realization that made escapism seem palatable. “I have DEFEATED the treadmill!”, I thought. “There is no need for the battle to continue.”

I stumbled away vindicated, confident that I possessed the fortitude to prevent Skynet from ever becoming a reality.




One response

13 02 2006

Is that like winning the internet?

Also, why are you posting as “shamroq”? Hardly striking out bravely into a new medium if you keep the protective armor of your LJ cred cloaked about your shoulders…

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