Potent Potables # 5

23 04 2006

And now for a lightning quick summary of “Memoirs Of A Geisha”…

“The Geisha is not a common prostitute. It is the living embodiment of grace and art. Now let’s go see how much cash we can get for that hymen of yours, eh? Don’t worry – I promise you that after this night we’ll never attempt to sell your virtues again, unless cash is tight or there is some political gain to be curried or we just owe someone a favor. Apart from that, go forth and be untouchable Geisha.”

At one point in the movie the child-to-be-UberGeisha was climbing along a rooftop hoping to escape, but was thwarted by the slippery, uneven surface beneath her feet. I offered “Why isn’t she just sort of casually flying over the rooftops? I’ve seen her do it in other movies.”
Thankfully my Asian wife was there to clarify. “Because in this movie,” she explained “she’s playing a Japanese person. Everyone knows only the Chinese can do that.”

Man, it must suck to be Japanese…




4 responses

24 04 2006

no flying abilities and you might end up like “tubgirl”? man, being japanese must totally suck.

24 04 2006

I read the book. The movie made me want to puke with it’s happy, happy hollywood ending. It was so much better when she died bitter and alone, but rich – in America.

Also: lol @ only chinese can do that.

24 04 2006

I don’t know, man. Falling in love with a guy 3x her senior was creepy enough for me.

24 04 2006

all we need now is “memoirs of a hotlava” oh shnap!

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