The Checklist

29 08 2006

Barefoot? Check!

Pregnant? Check!

In The Kitchen? Check!

And that is what we call The Male Trifecta, bitches.

Note: This misogyny was fully approved by the stunningly beautiful pregnant beauty standing before you. It’s not so much that she’s permissive of my bravado as she is a staunch woman hater herself.




4 responses

30 08 2006

Wait, aren’t ALL women women-haters?

30 08 2006

everytime you play bedroom bukkake, you’re doing your part to degrade women as a whole ever so slightly, and us as men appreciate all your hardwork and sacrafice. now please, more your hair out of the way, it’s been awhile, and this is gonna be messy.

30 08 2006

I’m stunned by the inherent brilliance in that statement.

17 03 2008

Your wife is super cute.

On the other hand, I’m saying this as a gay man.

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