Potent Potables # 8

15 11 2006

My suggested track listing for Fergie’s solo joint The Dutchess based upon the singles I’ve heard so far:

  1. Gang Bangin’ Beats (featuring Will.I.Am or Timbaland or whoever was behind me in the recording studio)
  2. Fergalitis
  3. My Lips (You Know You Wanna Fuck ‘Em)
  4. My Tits (You Know You Wanna Fuck ‘Em)
  5. My Toes (You Know You Wanna Fuck ‘Em)
  6. Innuendo Crescendo
  7. Fill Me Up, Top Me Off (With Your Lovin’)
  8. This Song Is About My Vagina
  9. Ave Maria
  10. Snatch Up My Love (Your Love Up My Snatch)
  11. Can I Get A What-What (In My Hoo-Hoo)?
  12. Fegalitis Reprise (Simplex B Remix)



2 responses

16 11 2006

*DO DO DOO* if you’re looking for the funny, please type in the URL and try again. *click* *fast busy signal*

16 11 2006

You’re trying to make a point here and I think I have grasped it.

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