Cheap What?

19 11 2006

I was futzing around on YTMND the other day searching for the latest in Internet Catchphrases (“Hey! That’s not MY default gateway, pal!”) and noticed that the site had started instituting picture ads. It doesn’t really bother me – I’m happy that the leading drain on my workday productivity is financially sound. However, I am a tad confused at who their intended market was with this: is a tremendous place to find great deals on books. I’ve never actually purchased anything there or visited the site, but just look at that chick! Anyone that sexy and aloof must know about bargains. If you like models inexplicably drawn to frugality, this is the site for you.

Seriously, Cheapbooks, what the fuck? Girl + URL = profits? I fully comprehend that the average dolt won’t think twice about this, but you’re trying to attract literate people and we demand some context with our advertising. It’s insulting. Don’t worry though, I see no reason that you must retract the ad. All you have to do to make things right is change your company name to something more appropriate. I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with a few alternatives:

And my personal favorite….




5 responses

20 11 2006

I love the pose, too. It’s like, “I’m on my way to the dogshow, and my goodness, all these books are making me SOOOOOOOO hot.”

and you win the gold for “dickens & dickins”

20 11 2006

It kinda looks like she might be pregnant, too. Either that or she really needs a tailor.

20 11 2006
Paul Danielson

Much more interesting is her pose combined with the look on her face. It’s as if she’s thinking “This is it. This is fucking it. No more shitty modeling gigs after I make that last student loan payment. These cramps are killing me, and the photographer’s assistant keeps staring at my tits.”

Also, WTF is up with the back-of-the-hand bling? I don’t think I’ve ever seen jewelry like that before. I think it was photoshopped in.

20 11 2006
Paul Danielson

And the top of her hat looks less like a hat and more like a pile of scrambled eggs that’s been sitting out too long.

20 11 2006

Yeah. I was going to make mention of the hand-bling, too. Maybe it’s like a greatest handjobber of the year award. And she has two on…and there’s two of us, and no one’s around. I won’t look if you won’t.

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