Potent Potables # 9

8 12 2006

Though I am hardly subject to Harry Potter mania, I have to admit that I am a fan of the features. They are well-acted, beautifully immersive in environment, and apparently relatively faithful to the books. I wouldn’t know about the latter point because I don’t read. I find reading to be an affectation of a primitive and savage society, a ritual of its representative troglodytes (that’s a lot of big words for a non-reader!). All my media is either presented on a screen, including text, or I can’t be bothered. Accordingly, I scrutinize the films on their own merits and seem to still enjoy them as eye candy.

My wife tells me that they are down to the last couple of movies as the series terminates with their last year of school. While this won’t exactly leave a vacuum in my life, I’m sure there are a good number of people who will be devestated by this turn, including the child actors brought up through this HP dynasty. Is it just a matter of time before Daniel Radcliffe is working security for Wal-Mart, loathing the daily report to his supervisor, Gary Coleman? Thankfully the thespian dynamo, Rupert Grint (who plays Bumbling, Poor Firecrotch Kid) has already begun to spread his wings into other cinema. His rich and diverse portfolio in film should assure him success for years to come. If you can find the time, prepare yourself for his tour de force performance as Allen A. Allen in Thunderpants. Here’s a quick synopsis for those who haven’t been blessed with a viewing of this film:

An 11-year-old boy’s amazing ability to break wind leads him first to fame and then to death row, before it helps him to fulfill his ambition of becoming an astronaut.

Powerful, powerful stuff.

For the record, he doesn’t play Superfarting Firecrotch Kid. Rather he is in a Supporting Role To The Kid Who Actually Farts And Is Also A Firecrotch. He really makes it his own.




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8 12 2006


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