Potent Potables # 10

17 01 2007

San Diego, like any proud frontrunning community, has been all abuzz about the Chargers’ rise to glory this season. It’s not a fluke though – the Chargers dominated their conference and had the most representatives for the pro-bowl in the same. It was the best looking San Diego team in recent years and the hype was building to a fever pitch. Everywhere I went people were hanging Chargers banners off the sides of businesses, clipping flags to their car, or just wearing the trademark bolt on their person. When the Chargers were ultimately toppled by the Patriots you could tell the locals were crestfallen, cursing the dream they had entertained coming true. Well, everyone apart from one person…


I honestly don’t know where she learns this stuff. Probably from those hooligans in her playgroup. That drooling one with the jowly cheeks always looked suspect to me.

Sorry that the picture is a bit blurry. When I mentioned to her that the Chargers lost she wouldn’t stop cackling and shaking with joy.




3 responses

17 01 2007

No comments yet. surprise, surprise. This will probably be the best and only comment you get on here, so I’ll make it good. Cute kid.

17 01 2007

Why must you be so full of hate? Is it all those violent video games you’ve been playing?

17 01 2007

No, I’m a closet Chargers fan, you heartless bastard!

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