Potent Potables # 14

12 03 2007

How To Be Absolutely, Positively Certain You’ve Gotten An Unflattering Haircut

When you’re greeted by more than one person who says “Did you lose a bet?”




5 responses

12 03 2007

Useless without Pictures

12 03 2007

I want you to respect me for my mind, dig?

13 03 2007

you went to supercuts, didn’t you?

13 03 2007

Oh, Mike, you’re the funniest guy on here, and that’s why I don’t reply to your comments. I can’t look bad on my own site. Keep up the funny. I’ll always be second fiddle to you!

13 03 2007

I ritually go to supercuts. This time I handed Anita clippers and said “start cutting”. I just saved $15 and it shows!

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