Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Baked Beans & Spam

27 03 2007

Spam gets a bad rap. While it may be unsolicited, Spam is usually just trying to find a way to help you. At every turn Spam is offering you ways to reap untold fortunes in stay-at-home businesses and exotic Nigerian investments and asks little in return. It saves you tedious hours of scouring the internet for the scant bits of porn available by simply providing the links to you. And if you aren’t exactly packing a high caliber pistol, brotha, Spam has a way to engorge your potential to an unprecedented level. Your rock-hard, throbbing potential. All thanks to a bit of spam. I believe some of you owe Spam an apology.

This site gets a fair amount of Spam, but I don’t begrudge it because I’m pretty positive it represents 85% of the site traffic. What’s more, Spam deserves to have a safe haven here after all it has been through in the past couple of years. Rampant ignorance and bigotry of Spam has rendered it an outcast, spurned by society and filtered out at every turn. It is nothing short of genocide. Luckily there isn’t a filer made that can deter the indefatigable spirit of Spam. Like the mighty post-apocalyptic cockroach, Spam’s resilience and craftiness always help it crawl out of the rubble, ready to help another lost soul.

The newest iteration in Spam construction weaves a fair amount of context around its offerings, casting the hounds off its trail. I’ve collected some of the more brilliant missives I’ve received over the last couple of weeks so you can join me in rejoicing the undying will evident in the efforts of this internet do-gooder. These are the actual body of Spam comments received by this blog:

amateur gay cock
abrikoskos 2561761 Research about amateur gay cock.

* A lot of people go headlong into amateur gay cocking without essential preparation. Spam would hate to see you be so impetuous about such an important choice.

college handjobs
abrikoskos 2561761 Modern view of college handjobs.

* The handjob of years past would bear little resemblance to contemporary ones. It’s evolution has been vast and handjobs of the old guard simply have no relevance in our society. Thank you for keeping me apprised on this, Spam.

black pornography
abrikoskos 463841 black pornography moves

* It’s not even black pornography so much as a gamefilm. The cultural nuances of the African American pelvic thrust deserve ample study to members of all races. Once again, Spam unifies us when the world only seeks to keep us, and our crotches, apart.

free sample sex video
abrikoskos 463841 Pros and cons of free sample sex video.

* This is a classic debate for the ages, one whose resolution will assuredly be ushered forth by the prodding of Spam.

monkey fucking woman
abrikoskos 463841 Catalogue of monkey fucking woman

* Because Spam knows that sometimes just ONE monkey fucking isn’t enough…

garbage queer
abrikoskos 463841 garbage queer friends

* Though shunned by his peers, Spam isn’t afraid to share the tender story of Oscar The Grouch’s reclusive life-partner. His story deserves to be told.

ass cum in open
Information source about ass cum in open.

* Spam doesn’t want you to forget that when it comes to ass cum in open, you have options. With this information source you are sure to find the data you need to make an informed decision.




One response

30 04 2007

When you have nothing to post, re-post a half-assed entry that no one read the first time around. Bravo.

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