Potent Potables # 16

15 08 2007

I saw a sign for this at 7-11 the other day and was completely dumbfounded. It’s almost as if the Budweiser executive team sat in a room together and brainstormed on how to fill a can with the world’s most godawful concoction, but had run out of toothpaste and orange juice. There are no doubt many things you could do to improve a Bud Light, such as pouring a different beer into the can, but adding essence of mollusk is not one of them. Save money on clam juice and try adding some freaking hops, you tools.

For their next big promotion, Budweiser will release a new beer that is actually an empty can apart from a radio transmitter. When you open it they immediately fly someone out from their production line to crap in your mouth. They call it Budscheiser. HEEEYYY-OOOHHH!

(If you know any German, that’s hilarious wordplay.)




2 responses

15 08 2007
Paul Danielson

They can also market it to those health-conscious drinkers who were concerned that their previous mixture of Clamato and regular Budweiser was needlessly enhancing their daily caloric intake. I’ll be shocked if a low-sodium variant isn’t already in the works.

15 08 2007

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. A chelada is beer with FRESH lemon juice in a glass with salt on the rim. NEVER with clamato. EVER.

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