My Debut As A Creative Consultant

21 08 2007

Troy Swain, artist and philosophe to the stars general public, has unveiled his latest masterpiece. And by “his”, I mean “my”.

Troy has developed a unique blogging niche of using comic-styled presentations to offer a narrative or review. Of particular interest to first-time visitors are his mini-series where he explores and portrays specific authors in the context of their writing, most recently Iceberg Slim and Proust. Of course, if you wantonly discard all academic knowledge as I do, you’d likewise blow by these without hesitation. Unless, that is,…


*Additional creative credits are owed to Mike for being my muse** and Troy for taking my rudimentary storyboards and crafting something that didn’t look like a mentally challenged toddler with Parkinsons drew it.

**That sounded slightly gayer*** than I meant it to.

***Mike, if you’re still reading, I want to feel you inside me, mi amor…




One response

21 08 2007

i’m so far inside, you’re drooling. oh wait, that’s not drool.

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