The Sport Of Kings

18 09 2007

There are any number of amateur photographers out there whose skill with photoshop far outweighs mine. To this day I have little or no idea what a masking layer is or how to use the pen tool with any real finesse. However, what I do have is extraordinary patience and a predisposition to be consumed with anything vaguely silly. Because of that no one made funnier photoshop mock-ups than I did. Or so I thought.

Recently I was challenged to a match of Photoshop Tennis. For the uninitiated, the rules are pretty simple – alternate turns photoshopping a picture to make it more and more ludicrious with every iteration. The game ends when one person bows to the superior skills of the other or all of the lulz in the known universe have been consumed. I’d like to think we approached the latter and, frankly, the thread was getting a bit long. I won’t specify which were mine, but if you’re keen to guess I’d love to hear it.

Here is the starting line we began at:

And here are the hijinks that commenced.




10 responses

19 09 2007

there is nothing to comment on, because, now that this has made it to the internetz, there is no spoon.

19 09 2007

It’s not a photoshopped pic until goatse makes an appearance.

19 09 2007

These are made of hilarity and love.

19 09 2007

I like it, but don’t you think you could have gone on for another couple hundred iterations? I bet it would have gotten REALLY funny.

Also, have you bought your mother a car recently? That’s the kind of thing I prefer to read about on the internet.

19 09 2007

there’s this dessert you may want to try, Bill Cosby endorses it. It’s even got a catchy jingle, i’m sure you’ve heard it. J-E-L-I-S!

19 09 2007
19 09 2007
Paul Danielson

I heard it’s “Buy Your Mom A Car” week on Top Chef. I look forward to reading duplicate entries about it on two separate blogs.

19 09 2007


Brought the LOLs!

19 09 2007

I have missed your shiznit.

20 05 2008

this is a barrage of insanely hilarious and creative photoshopping…
sweet meat.

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