The Pixelated Crucible Of Awesome

15 10 2007

Occasionally I give you all a glimpse into my real life. I’ll admit that I’m a little hesitant to do so. I want to build that bridge between us, but I’m more emotionally guarded than most. That and an unusually high percentage of you guys are psychotic.

Recently I came upon an image that struck me deeply. I’m sure it’s already made its rounds on the internet and is old hat, but it was new to me. Given the persistence of lolcats, I don’t worry too much about posting things that are stale anyway. Anyway, I was looking at it and thinking “This is not just an image. This is a gauntlet. This is a line in the sand. This is a crucible. This is important.” Being a man of action (relative to the internet) I immediately downloaded it and updated it to make it mine so I could post this on my office door at work:

So tell me – would you be able to cross the threshold? And would you feel safe doing so?




4 responses

15 10 2007

Would I feel safe doing so?

I’d feel safe taking the image off your door while you were watching, bringing it back here, scanning it in to my computer, changing the background color to something non-gay, changing the last word to “house”, and putting the new image on my front door.

15 10 2007

As the person that LET you see this image, yeah, I’d cross the threshold. ANd not only would I cross it, I’d punch it in the face right before it took a bite of its sandwich.

15 10 2007

I believe that is Haggar from the game Final Fight, doing his signature piledriver move.

15 10 2007

Hey, that is pretty awesome. That shark is totally toast.

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