A Game Of Scrab-Ass

19 11 2007

How do you know when you truly understand someone? With our praticed fronts and rehearsed expressions, we portray a fractured version of ourselves to the world. How can we delve beneath that? Poets have claimed that our eyes are portals into our soul, but then most poets know fuck all about biology. If you want to shatter those veneers and peer into someone’s core, challenge them to a game of Scrabble.

Scrabble reveals our own essence back to us with most every play. Every word selection is a choice that says a little bit about the places our mind goes when the creativity and logic sensors begin percolating together. Well, most every word selection – playing “syzygy” just says I’m shit out of vowels. Just look at the progression of three games I’ve played with my friend Mike:

We see most of the standard fare here. Stacks of rand

om words designed to maximize bonuses as well as illuminate your opponent (who knew you could have more than one “quag”?). But when we observe the words selected in the green highlighted blocks, a pattern starts to emerge. “Penile” is sterile enough, largely technical in nature, at least until the grouping of “nice chin bag” comes to be. It’s an odd compliment to be given in the company of friends, especially among those not actively fellating one another. Still, as an isolated incident, it’s not too damning. The damning part comes soon.

Now we see interlocking “vas” and “spear”, indicating a strong tendency to the phallic. No sooner did those tiles get placed as Mike and I decide to lay all of our repressed feelings on the line by grouping “queer”, another “queer” and “marry”. I think the message this is sending is pretty clear. Still, as freshly outed men, we can’t help but be more cavalier and exuberant in game 3.

“anal bong scabs risk”. We make gay XTREME!

Thank you for helping me better understand myself, Mike. And hey, NICE chin bag, brotha.




2 responses

20 11 2007

Right back at’cha, SUQa.

20 11 2007

I just noticed someone played “rim” in the first game. Pucker up, cutie.

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