My Art Kicks The Crap Out Of Yours

5 12 2007

Two friends of mine recently engaged in a spirited discussion as to what credibility a writer engenders in the act of being published. Does validation by some corporate entity indicate a level of quality control or is it just a soulless marketing shill? Does a work being undiscovered somehow invalidate its worth? These questions of art and psychology are not easy to contend with, but I think I have arrived at a reasonable answer. Your work as a writer is instantly worth something the moment a NIGGA GETS PAID. And by sheer coincidence, that’s exactly what just happened to me. For today only it is hanging off of’s front page as well.

This marks the first time my services have been paid for as a writer. Given how much this caused me to agonize over the quality of the article, I probably invested enough time to effectively earn under minimum wage for my efforts, but it was totally worth it. I fully intend to pitch a few more ideas over there.

I hope you enjoy it and share it with others. Tacking on a few diggs would be rock solid too.





4 responses

5 12 2007

Nice work. Although considering you just penned an article on how even the most pubestachioed ragamuffin can get laid by hundreds of adoring supermodels, one has to question your judgment to put effort into writing articles instead of hit songs.

5 12 2007

He’s working on a Southern Rap Chart-topper called “Aquaman That Ho”. It has its own dance and everything.

5 12 2007

Good job man, love the article. And your bloggystyle.

5 12 2007

This got stronger as the piece went on. You killed it on Kid Rock, Biggie, and Prince. Damn, you almost struck out on J-Hova though! Not one mention of how fucking singularly ugly he is…

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