Unsolicited, Untimely Album Review

24 02 2008

Supreme Beings Of Leisure are a striking band. I stumbled over the duo a couple of years ago, but only recently picked up their ’02 release Divine Operating System as a lark. After giving it a couple of listens I can state one abundantly clear fact – this cd wants to make love to you.

Some of you lonelier sorts are probably reacting with sentiments like “That’s cool. It’s been a while since I’ve been soundly rogered. Bring on the hatefucking, cd!” But naw, it ain’t even like that. This cd wants to bring you back to its loft in cosmopolitan downtown wherever and fix you a romantic dinner for two. Probably something with a fondue, because this cd knows how to keep it real. Then you’ll enjoy a playful tawny port wine, slowly warmed by the crackle of the nearby fire and by flushes of your own fiery passion. Intoxicated by both wine and the heady rush of being courted with such conviction, you’ll welcome the cd’s gentle caresses as you increasingly intertwine on the supple bear-skin rug. It is only a matter of time before you surrender, not to the cd, but to yourself…and the waves of lovemaking pleasure crash upon you.

The cd might also stick a finger in your pooper, but only if it’s cool with you, baby.

Every track sounds like it was designed to theme a Bond film. Sultry, coaxing, and rapt with intrigue. And I mean one of the good Bond films, nothing where Roger Moore attempts to daintily kick a surprisingly fragile henchman or Denise Richards attempts to play a Daisy Dukes clad Nuclear Physicist.

“I can has fission?”

Music like this is at home in your car during a long commute as it would be rebounding of the walls of The Brass Rail (San Diego’s most masterfully named gay club). In fact, tracks played at sufficient volume inside your car could well result in spontaneous gaydisconeogenesis, a phenomenon only observed in gay particle accelerators in the Castro District.

I haven’t really surmised a good rating system for this, since I have little interest in doing other reviews, so I’m going to give this 1 “Connery About To Tap That Ass” Out Of A Possible 1:




3 responses

25 02 2008

I’ve heard of armpit vaginas, but I think Connery in this picture may have provided the world a glimpse at the very first armpit anus.

27 02 2008

Could you *please* write a review on this one?



9 06 2008
Kayode Kendall

I actually found Divine Operating System more in line with Moore’s Bond. You want Connery Bond, their self-titled debut was better.

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