File Under “Only Funny To Me”

28 02 2008

I have a friend. Let’s call him “Mike”, primarily because that’s his name. “Mike” doesn’t care for sharks. Not a bit. Sure, he’s developed some coping mechanisms for dealing with his terror constructively, but there’s been no kind of detente between these rivals.

I am, at my core, a nurturer. I can’t bear to see any living thing in pain, unless it is something I deem icky or just plain unattractive. I want “Mike” to learn to live in communion with our underwater brethren. That’s why I made this very special message from the shark kingdom to “Mike”, so that a constructive dialogue can commence and peace may reign until such time as they all become bipedal:

You’re so sharkraped, “Mike”.




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29 02 2008


29 02 2008

Can we insert that into Finding Nemo? Right after, “My name is Bruce, and I am a nice shark.”

On a different note, you should never title a post “Funny only to me”, because then no one will read it.

29 02 2008

Untrue. They’ll read it anyway, only to realize… yeah, no…

29 02 2008

that shark raped a bear, and that bear was my father!

29 02 2008

Holy crap.

29 02 2008

I agree. It’s outerworldly.

29 02 2008

Honestly, I’m so satisfied with how this turned out, I think I could be okay with this getting no views.

1 03 2008

You did a good job. Detente is on the way!

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