Internet Knows You’re Touching Yourself. And It Forgives You.

28 07 2008

Internet Loves you. Even when you feel abandoned and alone, Internet is forever watching and guiding your mouse from afar. You need only prostrate yourself before Internet and you will be received into grace.

I know I sound like a True Believer, but ever since I discovered blogging for dollars I’ve been born again in Internet’s glory. That’s why I want to share this small pamphlet with you, explaining how it’s never too late for anyone to discover the bliss of Internet’s embrace.

In reality, the link represents a pretty cool development in my life., formerly, has picked me up as an official blogger for their site. While they are still all about indie film-making, they’ve shifted the focus to comedy and wanted some self-indulgent text to go along with it. The current plan is that I’ll have a weekly column with them with the occasional longer feature, such as the Comic-con walkthrough above. The weekly entries should begin in August and, while some of the implementation details are still shaky, they should be announced on the front page of the site somewhere.

I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon, but this has some pretty rich potential. is Viacom, which is Comedy Central, Spike TV and MTV by extension. If this goes well, other doors may well open. In short, as much as I’m content to just share good news with you folks, I’d greatly appreciate your patronage and sharing it with anyone you think would find my stuff entertaining.

You might ask, “If this Internet cares so much, why does it allow innocent computers to suffer at the hands of viruses and spyware?” Internet acts in mysterious ways, my friend.




4 responses

29 07 2008

Look, I know you’re trying to out-compete Jake for the “most blogs” title, but this is getting ridiculous…

8 09 2008


28 12 2008

serendipity… love it. and I love you’re writing. glad you’re in with atom. ironic that I’m just down the hall, but only just discovered you’re blogging for my company. – (a different) Jake

19 02 2009

Hi, best of luck mate, hope it works out for you. Really enjoy your site.

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